Emilia, Upenyu and Zac met with Professor Jeanne Keay, Pro Vice Chancellor of Global Engagementfor International Partnerships & Collaborations.

In November 2019, senior management staff from GUC visited Leeds Beckett University Law School. Here, the Dean of the Law School, Deveral Capps, takes a photo with Emilia, the Head of the Law Department and Upenyu Academic Registrar in GUC.

Leeds University Law School hosted the senior staff at a restaurant in Leeds city.

GHEP at GESS Dubai 2019 exhibition with Darcey Bussell.

GHEP at BESA exhibition-Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2019.

GHEP at BESA exhibition: Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam.

Great farewell with the two GHEP Vietnamese interpreters.

GHEP at BESA exhibition: Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam

December 2019 GUC Christmas party. Staff choir performance was the highlight of the night.

December 2019 was a fantastic year as GHEP managed to conclude a franchise agreement between GUC and Leeds Beckett University to offer an LLB in Botswana. Christmas was the best time to celebrate the achievement. Here GUC Managing Director, Dr Joseph Antoney gives his speech to the staff and guests.