We recognise the value of students, their sponsors, the institutions which provide the learning and the organisations which provide employment. When you work with us everyone is considered as a partner of GHEP. Central to our internal culture is the success of the partnership whether you are an individual, a sponsor or an organisation.

We are driven by:









Our work has impact and is value for money. We are committed to the client and deliver agreed outcomes at the right time. Engaging GHEP means that you are ready for change and we commit to making a difference for the student, sponsor or the employer. We accept work we have the expertise to provide and believe the process is as important as the outcome as it enables individual and organisational growth and change.

Our Values Are the six pillars, which support and regulate our organization and the work we do.

Ethics & Integrity centered

We strive to align ourselves both externally and internally by recognising and respecting established rules and principles


We pride ourselves as being the best at what we do and we are continuously strengthening both our knowledge and skills base.

Problem Solving, Outcomes & Solutions Driven

We analyse information and drawing on expert knowledge we design quality outcomes.

Client Focussed

Firstly we seek to effectively understand our clients and then develop and (an) individualised strategy to work with them. The aim is to offer the best possible customized solutions.


We will never compromise our values even if it means others may disagree or disapprove.

Delivery Focussed

We aim to untangle complex problems and solutions and working with the client, define the best way forward, which is tailored to meet the needs of the client.


Having spent many years working in Higher education and made outstanding contribution to academic development including curriculum, pedagogy and research and created several partnerships both in the UK and overseas, we are well placed to be in this field. We have an excellent track record of working with Universities, Associations, organisations and Governments. We continuously keep abreast of changes taking place in the global arena of higher education.