We support education, organisation(s) and individuals through change process, working in partnerships, developing consultancy projects, designing, supporting and delivering learning and development.

GHEP is a company which delivers learning solutions and projects to enhance organisational development and individual learning. We offer consultancy, bespoke courses, accredited and non-accredited e-learning courses and individual learning support.

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Zac Mwanje

I spent more than 20 years working in higher education and I made outstanding contribution to academic development including curriculum, pedagogy and research. I helped to create several partnerships between institutions both in the UK and overseas. Outside of GHEP I serve as a school governor and as a Trustee board member of Cola Life.


We are committed to working with students, learning providers and employers in strong effective partnerships. Our aim is to support the continual improvement of knowledge, skills and competences. 

Zac Mwanje (CEO)

Zac Mwanje (CEO)

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