What We Do

We support health and education organizations and individuals through change processes – working in partnerships, delivering consultancy projects, designing, supporting, delivering learning and development.

  • Collaborating and supporting higher education institutions in the UK on student recruitment from under-represented community social groups.
  • Collaborating and supporting higher education institutions on international student recruitment.
  • Providing academic support to universities including:

-Assisting academic staff in universities seeking visiting fellowships to other academic institutions / organizations outside their home country for research or other scholary activities.

– Assisting university students seeking to be a study fellow or visiting student exchange to other academic institutions outside their home country including industrial placements.

-Assisting universities to broker partnerships with other academic institutions outside their home country.

-Encouraging knowledge transfer and dissemination of information.

Consultancy in Health and Higher Education

-Through a network of self-employed associates, GHEP provides a highly skilled focused team to deliver on projects for clients. The consultants are selected through a rigorous process by accessing their capability and reliability. We are able to draw consultants from a wide skilled and professional base which enables us to participate in a range of sectors and fields.

E-Learning: Off The Shelf and Bespoke Short Courses

  • The growing need for cost effective training in terms of cost and time spent away from work or home makes E-Learning a better solution particularly in developing countries or countries which cannot meet the training needs of it’s population.
  • There are skill gaps which are predicted to grow across the world. This is felt more acutely in developing countries where skill shortages have been identified as holding up development.
  • GHEP offers both accredited and non-accredited courses including CPD ones through a network of re-sellers. We also develop bespoke training for employers.